Discover the 7 best tourist activities in Sitges

Discover the 7 best tourist activities in Sitges

The 7 best activities and sightseeing tours in Sitges

If Sitges is known for something, it is for being one of the most complete cities on the coast of Barcelona. This destination is perfect for spending an ideal vacation thanks to its beautiful beaches and the wide range of plans it offers. In addition, throughout the year you can find a lot of activities and events that you won't be able to stop enjoying.
Sitges is classified as the tourism capital of the coast of Barcelona thanks to its extensive cultural proposal and its varied nightlife offer. If you go there you can enjoy parties, festivals, traditional events and much more. Are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your vacation? Discover the 7 best activities and tourist visits you can do in Sitges.

Sitges International Film Festival

The Sitges International Film Festival has been held in this city since 1967 and is considered one of the most prestigious film events in all of Europe. Do you feel like being a little scared? Then don't hesitate to stop by the first fantasy and horror film competition in the world.
Without a doubt, this festival is the perfect plan for all those lovers of fantastic cinema. In addition to the screening of films, presentations, exhibitions and meetings between professionals are also held in this coastal town. During these days its famous zombie parade also takes place: The Zombie Walk, which is one of the most popular activities in Sitges.

Visit the beaches of Sitges

Sitges is the ideal destination for those who are looking forward to having a few days off to escape to the beach . There is something for all tastes: from beaches to go with family or friends, to nudist or “gay-friendly” beaches. In addition, they have all the services you may need, such as beach bars to have a drink or eat, hammocks, places to practice sports, etc.
If you want to spend a few days of sun and beach in Sitges, you should know that there are numerous options from which you can choose:
        Urban beaches : they are the most accessible. Most are located in the city center. Due to their location they are usually the busiest.
        Beaches in the South : they are usually the smallest, as well as natural. They are known for being mostly nudist, naturist and gay-friendly.
        Beaches in the North : they are located in the Levante area of Sitges and could be said to be some of the most beautiful, as well as natural, that you can find in the area.

Sitges Gay Pride

Every year one of the biggest events in the town is celebrated: the Gay Pride of Sitges. Listed as one of the 5 best Pride in the world, it is celebrated every June during Gay Pride. Its celebration lasts around 5 days and fills its streets with color, music, celebration and joy.
During Sitges Pride you can enjoy multiple activities, parties, and performances in addition to more than 80 completely free events. It will be during the big day when the biggest event you can witness will take place: the Gay Pride parade , as well as the Parade After Party, its open-air party.

Enjoy the gastronomy of Sitges

Sitges also has a great gastronomic offer and, if you are going to spend a few days, you cannot leave without trying it. Being a fishing town, its essence can be seen in each of its typical dishes . Therefore, you should try their traditional rice, as well as their salads or their typical cod.
The city of Sitges is also known for its wines as it is located near the Penedés wine region. Specifically, Malvasía is a sweet wine that usually accompanies local desserts.

Sitges Carnival

The seaside town of Sitges celebrates Carnival every February for almost an entire week. Some 300,000 visitors walk through its streets dressed as their favorite characters. Considered one of the 10 best carnivals in the world , it has multiple activities for both children and adults.
The big day that corresponds to Carnival Sunday is when the parades take place, including the night parade, filling its streets with color, music and numerous floats.

Visit the Garraf Natural Park

One of the best activities you can do in Sitges is to visit the Garraf Natural Park. This unique environment has trails and guided itineraries , as well as many more activities. This natural park is perfect for a family getaway while enjoying a peaceful atmosphere.

Fun with children in Sitges

Sitges is an ideal destination to enjoy a quiet and fun-filled holiday with children. There are activities for all ages such as parks, routes, beaches, museums or water sports.
In Sitges you can also enjoy a minigolf, a skatepark, different leisure and adventure centers , as well as several play areas such as, for example, the Magic Jungle.

Enjoy Sitges every month of the year

Sitges is one of the most popular destinations and now you know why. There are plenty of things to do all year round, making it the ideal destination for the perfect holiday .
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Updated: 20-05-2024

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