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Transform your home into a profitable investment with Hello Homes

Hello Homes takes care of everything: sale or rental, without complications.

We are experts in the sale and rental of properties in Sitges, making your home profitable to get the most out of it.

1. Free Sign Up

Sign up now for our exclusive "Owner Portal" for free! Get immediate access to consult in real time all the relevant information about your property in Sitges: reservations, income, occupancy calendar and detailed reports to optimize your vacation rental experience and maximize benefits.

2. Profitability Study

Discover the profitability of your property in Sitges with our exclusive "Profitability Study". Our team of experts will analyze the local market and vacation rental trends to provide you with a detailed report. Get a clear view of the potential benefits by relying on our real estate expertise.

3. Let's meet

Through a visit to your property, we will carry out a valuation and free profitability study so that you know the benefits that you can achieve with our management both in rent as for sale. We will advise you on any aspect that is necessary to optimize your property.

4. Professional Photo Session

After signing a collaboration agreement, we carry out a professional photo session that includes the home-staging service and a 360º video, key tools to highlight your property in both the rental and sale markets.

5. Promotion in Sales Channels

We promote your property on more than 70 online channels and partners to maximize its visibility. Among them are: Booking.com, Airbnb, VRBO, Idealista, Fotocasa, Habitaclia, and, of course, our own web.

6. Reservations and Sales Management

Upon receiving a reservation or purchase inquiry, we will inform you immediately after managing it, guaranteeing a transparent process. You will receive payment for each reservation within 48 hours of check-in or we will advance the sales process according to the agreed terms.

7. Property Preparation

We take care of the set-up and cleaning of your property, ensuring that it is ready to receive the first guests or show it to potential buyers. This includes sheets, towels, cleaning products, and a welcome pack.

8. Check-in / In-Person Visits

We coordinate the arrival of guests or visits of interested buyers, personally showing them all the features and advantages of the property. We carry out the Traveller Registration and manage the Tourist Tax in the case of vacation rentals.

9. Personalized Attention

We are available 24/7 for any query, emergency or incident, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests or providing relevant information to interested buyers.

10. Check-out / Post-Sales Maintenance

After each stay or visit, we review the property and take care of any necessary adjustments, ensuring it is perfect for the next guest or continuing with the sales process.

11. Customer Feedback

We invite customers to share their experiences, which allows us to continually improve and scale web positioning.

12. Accounting Support and Season/Sale Summary

We offer support in accounting queries and prepare the necessary documentation for your tax returns. You will receive a detailed summary of the performance of your property, whether rented or following a successful sale.

13. Owner Portal

Welcome to the "Owner Portal". Here, you can access real-time information about your property in Sitges. Check reservations, income generated and occupancy calendar. Also, get detailed reports and statistics to optimize your vacation rental experience and maximize your profits.

The Team
Nicolás Guitart

CEO & Founder

Lorena Baño

Real Estate Co-founder

Alexia Palaus

Real Estate Co-founder

Fernando Mazo

CTO & Founder

More information?

At Hello Homes Sitges, we are dedicated to turning your property into a source of income without you having to worry about a thing. With more than a decade of experience in the heart of Sitges, our expert team offers comprehensive and personalized solutions for the management, sale, and rental of your property. From promotion on major online channels to a full management service that includes maintenance, cleaning, and 24/7 customer support, we make sure every aspect is covered. We would love to know more about you and your property. Fill out the contact form below with your details and the information of your property. One of our specialized advisors will contact you to offer you a tailored strategy that aligns with your expectations and investment goals. Turn your property in Sitges into the success it deserves to be. At Hello Homes, your peace of mind is our priority.



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We come to you thanks to our wide network of collaborators

At Hello Homes we are part of a network of more than 60 real estate agents and 20 internet sales channels with which we collaborate and that optimize the search and communication between real estate clients and owners.

We are characterized by attention to detail and involvement in each real estate project. Our job is to create welcoming, warm and charming places, guaranteeing to attract the right buyers or guests. We adapt to each situation and property, knowing what is expected of each place.

We manage a wide catalog of properties for all budgets, from small studios for tight budgets, such as designer apartments to luxury houses, chalets and villas.

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