Turn your home into a tourist apartment in Sitges

Turn your home into a tourist apartment in Sitges

Advantages of converting your home into a tourist apartment in Sitges

Do you own a home in Sitges and you don't use it? There is a very simple way to earn extra income without having to make a lot of effort: convert your house into a tourist apartment . This practice, increasingly common, has numerous advantages for owners.
If you have doubts about whether it is really profitable to have a tourist apartment, at Hello Homes we answer all your doubts and tell you what all the benefits it can have. In addition, we help you with all the necessary procedures to get it started.

Advantages of having a tourist apartment in Sitges

Since the pandemic, many investors have decided to buy homes to rent as tourism. On the other hand, many owners have put aside the conventional rental of their second homes to also join this type of practice.
The increase in this trend is clear and is due to multiple factors , all of them beneficial for the homeowner:

Economic benefit

One of the greatest advantages of converting your home into a tourist apartment is the economic benefit it entails. An empty apartment only generates expenses, while a tourist apartment generates income that is higher than what a long-term rental can generate.
Payments per day , which is the modality followed by tourist apartments, allow for higher prices that, in turn, are lower than those generally offered by hotels. This is why tourists usually opt for this type of accommodation since it saves them money.
Furthermore, tourist apartments offer the possibility of varying and modifying prices depending on the season in which they are located, something that cannot be done with conventional rentals.

It's safer

Tourist apartments offer greater security compared to empty homes or traditional rentals for several reasons :

        Illegal occupations : a home that is occupied for short periods of time and by different types of people significantly reduces the possibility of suffering an illegal occupation, just the opposite of what happens with empty homes.
        Economic security : tourist rentals have a formula that guarantees greater security for the homeowner. This is because the payment is paid prior to the visit and not at the end of the month as is the case with traditional rental apartments. This avoids delays, non-payments or debts.
        Possibility of choosing guests : in tourist rentals the owner has the possibility of knowing in advance the people who will stay in his home, being able to base himself on the opinions of other owners.

Housing in good condition

The most common thing is that, when an apartment is empty, it has dirt problems. In the long run this represents a greater expense since, by not using that property , it ends up aging and becoming outdated. Therefore, it will be necessary to invest a greater financial amount for its cleaning and restoration.
For its part, if you have a property as a tourist apartment, it will be easier to keep the home in good condition since it must be attractive in order to have reservations. It is true that maintenance is necessary, but it is much less compared to what rehabilitation may entail.


Another advantage of converting your home into a tourist apartment is that they have great flexibility. If you do not want to give up your house 100% , tourist rental allows you to choose the dates on which you want to use your property and block them.
In this way, you will have the guarantee of having your home at your disposal in the periods of time that you decide, whether because you want to go spend a few days yourself or someone close to you.

Now you know all the advantages of converting your home into a tourist apartment. Do you want to make the most of your property in Sitges? Managing the necessary procedures is very simple because at Hello Homes we help you throughout the entire process. If you want to rent your house or tourist apartment in Sitges, we will take care of everything .
At Hello Homes we are specialists in property rentals and we want you, as an owner, to obtain the greatest benefit for your tourist apartment. Therefore, we help you stand out from the rest of the area, as well as advertise and reach the guests you are looking for. Don't worry and enjoy the benefits.


Updated: 20-05-2024

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