What to see and do in Sitges with children?

What to see and do in Sitges with children?

What to see and do in Sitges with children?

If you are wondering if a holiday in Sitges with your family and children is a good idea, the answer is: of course! Although at first it may seem like a destination focused on nightlife, the truth is that this beautiful coastal city has an endless list of activities for all ages.
Sitges could be classified as the most family-friendly city in Catalonia. Located just 30 minutes from Barcelona, it is surrounded by the Garraf Natural Park and is full of white houses and beautiful beaches that have nothing to envy of the most paradisiacal ones. Don't know what to do in Sitges with children? Don't worry, at Hello Homes we tell you all the plans that are at your disposal. We assure you that, once you discover everything it has to offer, it will become your favorite destination .

Plans to do in Sitges with children

One of the best things about Sitges is that it is not overcrowded, so if you go with your family, you can enjoy a quiet vacation . From the youngest to the oldest, they can enjoy a multitude of activities in Sitges: water sports, parks, routes, beaches, museums and much more.

The Magic Jungle in Sitges

The Magic Jungle is the ideal place for the little ones to have a good time. Located just 5 minutes from Sitges, it is a large soft play area that is divided into two different areas:
  • The largest area, focused on children from 4 to 10 years old .
  • A second area, for younger children, from 2 to 3 years old .

Sitges Mini Golf Center

Located on the outskirts of the city, Sitges minigolf is surrounded by nature. It has 18 courts, as well as trampolines, billiards, ping pong and a cafeteria. This place is the perfect plan whether with children or teenagers, so it should be a mandatory stop on your route .

Castor Park: the amusement park of Sitges

Mostly aimed at families and children, Castor Park in Sitges is an adventure park with a wide variety of attractions. Here you can find: trampolines, inflatables, motorcycles, horses, ferris wheel, obstacle activities, minigolf, recreational and even 6-dimensional cinema. Guaranteed fun!

Enjoy the best beaches in Sitges

A day at the beach is always a good family plan and Sitges is the perfect place to spend a good day in the sun. This city has the best beaches on the entire coast of Barcelona. Cala Balmins, Aiguadolç Beach or Anquines Beach are some of the most popular. In addition, you can surf, play paddle tennis, do water activities and taste its cuisine at the beach bars in the area.

Leisure Adventure

Leisure Adventure is a children's play area , especially focused on children over 6 years old, where you can spend hours laughing and having a good time. Right there you will find an Escape Room, paintball, bubble soccer and you can even do sumo wrestling. The interior of the facilities has a restaurant with a barbecue so you can enjoy a great meal with your family that will make your time in the park an adventure.

Sitges Skatepark

Right in front of the city's municipal swimming pool you will find the recently renovated Sitges Skatepark. So, if your children are lovers of wheels, they will be looking forward to spending hours and hours in this place, whether learning, practicing or improving.

Train museum

In Sitges you can also make plans to encourage the curiosity of the little ones and, furthermore, if your child likes trains, we have the perfect plan. The Railway Museum has more than 50 types of trains, locomotives and cars to observe. Right there you can also see a replica of the first train that circulated through Spain in 1848. We assure you that you will love it!

Horseback-riding school

Among all the activities that you can find in Sitges, there is also a riding school called Pony TrekkPony Trekking & Riding Classes Vincent. There, both children and adults can take classes or take a walk through the Garraf park. During the summer they also offer camps, which is a great idea if you go with children.

Where to stay in Sitges with children?

Surely, after reading this post, you have seen how Sitges is the ideal place for a getaway with your family and children . And if you are thinking about planning a vacation in this wonderful city on the Catalan coast, don't miss these apartments in Sitges for vacations. We guarantee that once you've been there, it will become your family's favorite destination.

Updated: 20-05-2024

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