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Hello, I'm Leandro!

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I enjoy every experience, whether small or big, and I always try to find beauty in every moment. My enthusiasm drives me to face each day with positive energy and to see the good side of things.

Honesty is a fundamental value for me. I believe in transparency and integrity in all my relationships, whether personal or professional. I believe that honesty is the foundation of trust, and I strive to be a person others can trust.

Empathy is another important characteristic in my life. I strive to understand and connect with the experiences and emotions of others. I believe empathy is key to building strong relationships and providing support to those who need it.

In the professional field, I am committed and dedicated. I constantly seek opportunities to grow and learn, and I strive for excellence in everything I do. My work is not only a responsibility, but an expression of my passion and commitment to the success and well-being of others.

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9 Client Reviews



Leo at Hello Homes, has been amazing from the start. He assisted us in finding a great second home and then helped us through an unfamiliar buying process. Communication was fantastic at all times of day. He was always ready to go the extra mile to help. I could not recommend him more highly. Many thanks



Very satisfied with the treatment and their professionalism. We appreciate your attention.

Pat & Gillian


We purchased a property in Spain, and we found ourselves dealing with Leo. We couldn’t have been in better hands. We don’t live in Spain, but Leo came to our aid in every situation, keeping us updated every step of the way. He became our willing advisor in all things, even things unrelated to the property sale, above and beyond his job description, always friendly, obliging and capable. We would highly recommend Hello Homes, you can put your trust in them. Thank you Leo!



Totally satisfied with the management of the sale of my house, Leandro is a great salesperson and a great person, he knew how to perfectly choose the profile of the buyer and was honest at all times with us and with the people who visited my house. Without a doubt, I would hire their services again.



I feel very lucky to have found Leo when I was looking for a house in Ribes. From the first moment, Leo was close but absolutely clear with the advantages and disadvantages of the properties, in addition, he knew well all the details of the neighborhood and its surroundings. Their support gave me a lot of peace of mind at key moments in the process and allowed me to finally find the house I was looking for.

Steve & Tonia


Leo guided us through the daunting task of purchasing our first home in Sitges. He is extremely professional, knowledgable and went above and beyond to help us through the process and ensured our needs were met. We have no hesitation in recommending Leo.

Margarita Sil


With Leo we have felt very comfortable from the first moment, he puts himself in the shoes of the buyer and knows how to advise and direct potential buyers of your home. Fast, professional and above all very patient in both directions. Delighted with their work and without a doubt highly recommended.

Yousuf Khalaf


Leo has been outstanding with his help when it came to purchasing our property. He is very knowledgeable about the area, and took into consideration all our needs for an apartment and recommended great options. Furthermore, he made the entire process very easy and understandable. Communication was clear, timely, and very informative. We definitely recommend working with Leo!

Annamaria Monaco


Leo is an excellent professional, attentive and precise. He puts himself in the client's shoes and advises him in the best possible way. I definitely recommend it!


My Properties

Houses & Villas - 6 Rooms 4 Bathrooms 372 m2

Les Colines-Cal Surià

Houses & Villas

372 m2 6 499.000€

Apartment - 1 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 70 m2



70 m2 1 220.000€

Houses & Villas - 3 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 330 m2

Vora Sitges

Houses & Villas

330 m2 3 460.000€

Houses & Villas - 6 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 218 m2


Houses & Villas

218 m2 6 540.000€

Commercial - 2 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 77 m2



77 m2 2 215.000€

Apartment - 2 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 59 m2

Els Molins - Hospital


59 m2 2 229.000€

Houses & Villas - 6 Rooms 5 Bathrooms 591 m2


Houses & Villas

591 m2 6 1.790.000€

Apartment - 2 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 59 m2



59 m2 2 255.000€

Houses & Villas - 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 240 m2


Houses & Villas

240 m2 3 2.500€ / mes

Land - 761 m2 | , Sant Pere de Ribes

Can Lloses - Valles Altos


m2 0 28.000€

Apartment - 4 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 94 m2



94 m2 4 245.000€

Land - 1877 m2 | , Sitges



m2 0 1.400.000€

Houses & Villas - 4 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 170 m2

Cases Noves

Houses & Villas

170 m2 4 7.000€ / mes

Land - 795 m2 | Can Lloses - Valles Altos, Sant Pere de Ribes

Can Lloses - Valles Altos


55 m2 1 159.000€

Houses & Villas - 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 159 m2

Can Lloses - Valles Altos

Houses & Villas

159 m2 3 280.000€

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