Did you know these 7 curiosities about Sitges?

Did you know these 7 curiosities about Sitges?

The 7 curiosities that you didn't know about Sitges

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Sitges is a city that will never cease to surprise you. Even if you have been several times, you will always have a corner to visit or a mystery to discover. This coastal town is much more than beach and sun: every corner houses a secret .
Do you think you already know everything about Sitges? At Hello Homes we want to surprise you with these 7 curiosities that, almost certainly, you still don't know about Sitges.

Do you know what the word “Sitges” means? ?

Perhaps you have never thought about what exactly the word that gives its name to the city of Sitges means. If you know Catalan, it may not be difficult for you to translate it into Spanish . But where does the word “Sitges” really come from?
The translation of Sitges into Spanish is “deep hole”, which comes from the Catalan word “sitja” and which, in turn, means a deposit to store grain . Sitges was always an area where there were many underground cisterns to store cereals. This is the place where the Town Hall is today. It is for this reason that it is believed that the city was named Sitges.

A piece of La Concha beach in Sitges

In addition to being the hosts of two famous Spanish film festivals, there is something else that unites the cities of San Sebastián and Sitges . Could you guess what?
The beaches of Sitges de Sant Sebastià and La Concha de San Sebastián, in addition to sharing a name, are twinned. For this reason, the city of San Sebastian gave the Catalan town a replica of its emblematic railing on Paseo de La Concha. You can see it on the seafront of Sitges next to a stone plaque with a message that says: “San Sebastián and Sitges, two movie towns in love with the sea and culture.”

The Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, the first in the world of its kind

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If you are a film lover, you have surely heard about the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival. But did you know that it was the first in the world of its kind? That's right, it was the first fantasy and horror film competition in the world and is considered one of the most prestigious film events in all of Europe.
This event began in 1968 with the aim of reintroducing tourist visits to the town. Currently, the Sitges Film Festival is an event qualified by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Oscars, so the winning short films are automatically preselected for these great awards.

In Sitges there is the first beach bar in Spain

Did you know that the first beach bar in Spain opened in Sitges? Today, more than 100 years later, it still stands . If you want to meet it and have a drink, you can find it on Paseo Ribera.
It was in 1913 when the first beach bar in the country opened. Currently it is a beach stall known as “El Chiringuito”. Every day tourists and locals come to see it. Would you like to have something at this place? If you go, look at its door, where you can read “First Chiringuito in Spain” .

Sitges was attacked by pirates

There was a time when Sitges was one of the targets of pirates. Sounds like a movie, right? Well, it was a reality and, due to the attacks that the Catalan town suffered, it fortified its farmhouses and installed watchtowers . Today they are still part of Sitges and you can see it if you go to the city.
The most famous defensive construction in Sitges is La Fragata . Built in the 18th century, you can see it located below the church of Sant Bartolomeu i Santa Tecla in La Punta.

Six cannons defended the city of Sitges for more than 200 years

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The 6 Baluard cannons were responsible for defending the city of Sitges for more than 200 years. Among the most recognized battles is that of 1797 against the English frigates, which had to withdraw after more than four hours of cannon fire.
If you want to see the original restored 18th century cannons you can see them at the Sitges Museum . And, if you prefer to see the exact replica in the place where the originals were, you can do so at the Baluard.

Bacardi Rum, a brand founded by a family from Sitges

Have you ever tried Bacardi Rum? It is currently the second best-selling rum in the world and was created by Facundo Bacardi. Born in Sitges in 1814, he went to Cuba with his entire family in 1830. It was there where he began to distill this drink, which emerged as a brand in 1862.
Although Bacardi Rum was founded in Cuba, the logo of this iconic brand is related to its origin in Sitges. The bat that represents the brand is an animal that in Catalonia symbolizes good fortune and that has always accompanied the Bacardi family. In the city of Sitges you can visit his birthplace , which is now a museum in tribute to his figure.

Did you know any of these curiosities?

Now you know a little more about the mysteries that Sitges houses. But these are not the only ones. If you want to know all the curiosities that this beautiful coastal town hides , discover the best vacation rentals in the area with Hello Homes Sitges. And you, do you know any more interesting things about Sitges?

Updated: 20-05-2024

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