The Best Beaches in Sitges

The Best Beaches in Sitges


Sitges beaches share a common denominator: fine sand, clean water, beach bars, sunbeds, and a seaside promenade that connects most of them. One of Sitges' most prominent features is the diversity of beaches it offers to visitors: from urban beaches with all the amenities to hidden coves surrounded by nature, catering to all tastes. Sitges beaches offer a view of the promenade, period houses on the west side, and the Garraf mountains in the background. All Sitges beaches have a uniqueness in that they are separated by long jetties formed with giant stones, making them distinct from each other.

Below is a list of the best beaches in Sitges:

Fragata Beach in Sitges

Fragata Beach in SitgesThe beach located at the foot of the Sant Bartomeu Church in Sitges. It offers the most activities. Right next to it, there is a beautiful sailing club where all the boats are moored on the sand. You can rent various types of boats here, from kayaks to jet skis, and there are also summer courses available, ranging from a few days to several weeks. There are also 3 volleyball courts for those who want to play the sport. In the evenings, as the sun sets, many locals from Sitges come to spend time and play volleyball. We ourselves often play here.

Balmins Beach

Balmins BeachThis small beach is located in the Aiguadolç neighborhood. It's a charming beach hidden beneath a small cliff. It can be said that it's the favorite beach of the residents of this neighborhood because it maintains a natural shape, and it shields us from any type of construction in view. Sitges is also known for its open and tolerant attitude. One end of the beach is nudist, but the other end, where the beach bar is, is not. For those who are more sensitive, Marina Beach or San Sebastian Beach in Sitges are alternatives. Fine sand, tranquility, and views of the Mediterranean. A combination that pairs well with the beach bar and sunbeds, making it one of the most popular beaches in Sitges.

San Sebastian Beach

San Sebastian BeachThe famous San Sebastian Beach in Sitges that everyone from outside asks about its location. What makes this beach one of the best on the Catalan coast? It could be its views of the restaurant vivero cape, views of the old town of Sitges, or simply its charming renovated promenade full of good restaurants and bars with terraces. San Sebastian Beach in Sitges is known for being a comfortable beach to spend the whole day. Combine the beach's sand with a long break for lunch at one of its restaurants, enjoying a good paella while sitting on the shaded terrace, or for the more enthusiastic, follow the sun to get a tan. It's well worth taking a stroll on this beach at sunset and enjoying a good cocktail at one of its bars. Besides, take a walk through the historic center along its cozy streets.

Marina Beach/Aiguadolç

Marina Beach/AiguadolçMarina Beach in Sitges is the only beach that is separated from the group of Sitges beaches. It's a long beach with beautiful views of the rugged Garraf coast on one side and the Sitges port on the other. It's one of the favorite beaches of surfers to catch some waves at sunset. It has a beach bar with many tables and sunbeds. If you look ahead, you see the horizon, but if you look to the left, you see the surrounding mountain, a perfect and beautiful combination. Located near the Sitges marina, this beach is ideal for those who enjoy sailing and want to combine it with a day at the beach.

Ribera Beach

Ribera BeachIt's one of the most crowded beaches. Sometimes it's difficult to find a spot for your towel. The more experienced beachgoers come early in the morning to reserve their area. Why is this Sitges beach the most crowded one? Simply because it's the closest to the center and perfect for those who don't want to walk a little further. Beach bars, sunbeds, and a great atmosphere won't be lacking.

Estanyol Beach

Estanyol BeachAnother of the urban beaches found in Sitges, this time located in Vinyet, begins to move away from the hustle and bustle of the center, making it less crowded. It's one of the longest beaches. On this beach, you can find a water skates rental service. It's one of our favorites to come with friends.

Terramar Beach

Terramar BeachTerramar Beach gets its name from the neighborhood, just like the Hotel Terramar in Sitges. Some young people took over the existing beach bar and modernized it, giving it a chill-out vibe that made a strong impression on the local residents of Sitges. The success is such that people come in the evenings to have a drink and enjoy the sunset. On the beach, there is a kayak rental company so you can paddle a bit to the west now that the beaches are ending.

De l’Home Mort Beach

De l’Home Mort BeachThis curious beach is located halfway along the coast between Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú. It's the quintessential favorite beach of the LGBTQ+ community, although a bit further away, it's much quieter and intimate. There's a beach bar perched above it. The walk to get to the beach is beautiful, with dirt and stone paths, ups and downs, typical of the Mediterranean coast with pine trees, bushes, and cliffs. For those who enjoy hiking, we love this path, the views, the coves, the landscape—it's completely different from the other Sitges beaches. Many people hike from Sitges to Vilanova i la Geltrú to enjoy nature and get some exercise.

Updated: 08-05-2024

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