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Hello, I'm Luis!

About Me

I am Luis Calonge, and my lifelong passion has always been connecting people and customer service.

I love to travel, experience different cultures, and constantly learn. I'm from Barcelona, I lived in the Amazon rainforest for three years, spent a year in Lima, part of my childhood in England, and have been to China six times for work.

I've traveled extensively, but there's nothing quite like Sitges and the Mediterranean lifestyle.  
I can bring my extensive sales experience to the table, given my work in various national and international companies. Four years of experience in the real estate sector in Barcelona and Sitges have taught me that buying and selling a property is a very satisfying mission because you help people find their dream. My goal is to meet needs with empathy and the knowledge I've gained.  

Any advice is based on experience, knowledge, and attitude, but above all, attitude is the key to success, and when you're passionate about your work, doing it well comes naturally.

I'm delighted to accompany you on the journey to pursue your dreams!
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5 Client Reviews

James Bailey


Some estate agents are only interested in the deal, not the service. Luis is different. He goes the extra mile (or 1.6km…) to ensure client satisfaction. As a first time overseas buyer, he guided me through the process and offered excellent after sales service. He made what could have been a stressful period into something that was easy and pleasurable.

Flavio Nadilo


Personally I can say that Luis is very professional in his work, attentive and dedicated 100% to your needs. He has helped me, he has been involved in my search as if it were for himself, advising me and accompanying me in the process of finding the right home for my family!!! What else can I say, I would place all my trust in him again to recommend him to anyone who needs to contact a professional when searching for their home.

Mara calvo


Without a doubt one hundred percent recommended, a very professional and serious person, he helped me a lot in the property search, thanks to him I now live in the place of my dreams. Thank you !

Per Andre Deberitz


Thank you so much for your help to find my dream home in Sitges. You have been patient and kind throughout the process, and I really appreciate it. Your expertise and understanding have made this a smooth process. Luis was and is always available to answer any questions I had regarding the process. My highest recommendation if you want an excellent estate agent! Per Andre Deberitz

Anders Bäck


I’m incredibly pleased with the service I received and receive from Luis. When I was looking for my new second home in Sitges. From finding a potential property to helping with the contract and process forward. Beyond the expertise and professionalism he was patient with all my questions with in-depth explanations. He also put me in contact with a great banker and a super good construction company. The knowledge and expertise, combined with his patient approach, made this otherwise stressful event to a smooth and happy process.Especially when you come from abroad and don’t know the local administration. I highly recommend Luis to anyone looking for top-notch real estate agent services. /Anders, Norway


My Properties

Villas - 5 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 187 m2



187 m2 5 795.000€

Apartments - 3 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 75 m2



75 m2 3 360.000€

Villas - 6 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 153 m2



153 m2 6 415.000€

Apartments - 2 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 141 m2



141 m2 2 549.000€

Apartments - 2 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 144 m2



144 m2 2 460.000€

Villas - 4 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 116 m2



116 m2 4 615.000€

Apartments - 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 117 m2



117 m2 3 699.000€

Apartments - 1 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 42 m2



42 m2 1 248.000€

Apartments - 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 113 m2



113 m2 3 265.000€

Villas - 3 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 118 m2



118 m2 3 1.250.000€

Apartments - 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 144 m2



144 m2 3 715.000€

Apartments - 1 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 32 m2

Poble Sec- Observatori


32 m2 1 170.000€

Apartments - 1 Rooms 1 Bathrooms 40 m2



40 m2 1 219.000€

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